Strncpy equivalent in Java

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April 9′ 2023

strncpy is a function in the C programming language that copies a specified number of characters from one string to another. Java, on the other hand, is a programming language that has different syntax and functionality compared to C. Java does not have a built-in function that is equivalent to strncpy.

In Java, you can copy a string using the substring method of the String class. The substring method returns a new string that is a substring of the original string. You can specify the starting index and ending index of the substring to be copied.

Here’s an example of copying a substring in Java:

String originalString = "Hello World";
int startIndex = 0; // starting index of the substring
int length = 5; // length of the substring to be copied
String copiedString = originalString.substring(startIndex, startIndex + length);

The copiedString variable will contain the first 5 characters of the originalString, which is “Hello”. Note that in Java, the indexes start at 0, so the ending index of the substring is specified as startIndex + length instead of startIndex + length - 1 like in C.

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